Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling Instruction, Global Edition (6e)

Author: Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, Shane Templeton, Francine R. Johnston, Publisher: Pearson

Achieve better results in your classroom with this highly regarded resource on word study for phonics, vocabulary and spelling instruction.

Words Their Way and its companion volumes enable you to assess, clearly identify and document each student's spelling stage, and tailor activities to improve your student's spelling knowledge.

Words Their Way is a teacher-directed, student-centred approach to vocabulary growth and spelling development whereby students engage in a variety of sound, pattern and meaning activities, sorting pictures and words. It caters for differentiated learning in the classroom, rather than a one-size fits all solution.

The 6th Edition of the core teaching resource features revised and new classroom activities, additional resources and assessments, new ideas for teaching proofreading and dictionary skills, new suggestions for leading discussions, and a new sample questions chart to guide problem solving, reflections, applications, and transfer.

This edition also includes a complimentary 12-month subscription to the Online PDToolKit, where teachers can access digital learning materials, including online diagnostic tools, interactive word sorts, games and videos. It is activated at www.pearsonglobaleditions.com using the access code that accompanies your book.


  • Activities
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 Developmental Word Knowledge
  • Chapter 2 Getting Started
  • Chapter 3 Organizing for Word Study
  • Chapter 4 Word Study for Learners in the Emergent Stage
  • Chapter 5 Word Study for Beginners in the Letter Name—Alphabetic Stage
  • Chapter 6 Word Study for Transitional Learners in the Within Word Pattern Stage
  • Chapter 7 Word Study for Intermediate Readers and Writers
  • Chapter 8 Word Study for Advanced Readers and Writers
  • Appendices
  • APPENDIX A Assessment Materials
  • APPENDIX B Sound Boards
  • APPENDIX C Pictures for Sorts and Games
  • APPENDIX D Sample Word Sorts by Spelling Stage
  • APPENDIX E Word Lists
  • APPENDIX F Games and Templates for Sorts
  • APPENDIX G Other Resources
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Index
More Information
Edition Global Edition / 6th Edition
Date of Publication 20 January 2016
ISBN 9781292107530
Subject English