Science Now 3 CD-ROM

Author: Lauren O'Brien, Publisher: Teachers 4 Teachers
  • Develops understanding of physical sciences, chemical sciences (material world), biological sciences (living world) and earth and space sciences.
  • Information is presented in numerous ways including:
    • diagrams
    • graphs
    • charts
    • tables
    • illustrations
    • lists
    • breakout boxes
    • photos
  • Plenty of hands-on learning through investigations and experiments.
  • Addresses the Australian Curriculum.
  • Authored by an Australian teacher.
  • Pull-out answers provided in each book.
  • Focuses on building strong science inquiry skills.
  • Inferential questioning included in almost every unit.
  • Beautifully presented in full colour.
  • Curriculum alignment grid printed on the inside front cover.

A great value supplementary compact disc is available for purchase with any class set of Science Now workbooks. Each disc contains a non-printable PDF version of the corresponding book designed to be projected through an IWB or onto a standard whiteboard.

The purpose of the discs is to make both the marking and explaining of content easier for the teacher.

More Information
Year Level Year 3
ISBN 9780992459666
Subject Science