Oxford Insight Science 10 AC for NSW Student book + obook assess

Author: Jenny Zhang, Susan Filan, Ric Morante, Jeff Stanger, Sam Hopley, Publisher: Oxford University Press

Written by experienced NSW teachers, each student book is structured around key inquiry questions, and chapter content is organised according to syllabus outcomes.

Student understanding is constantly checked as they progress through the book by:

  • Question blocks – constantly review students’ understanding of key concepts throughout each chapter
  • Checkpoints – offer a range of question types to explore depth of understanding
  • Chapter Reviews – review understanding, encourage students to reflect on what has been learnt and offer research projects

Specially-commissioned step-by-step photography in the student book and video lab experiment demonstrations in the obook were all carried out by an experienced science teacher, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the Science classroom.

Risk assessments for all experiments written by a NSW lab technician, are also included.

The obook is a cloud-based web-book available anywhere, anytime, on any device, navigated by topic or by ‘page view’. Assess is an indispensable online assessment tool, explicitly mapped to the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum that drives student progress through tailored instruction.

As well as containing the student text and study tools, this obook offers a Virtual Laboratory containing specially-commissioned Australian-made lab experiment videos, drag & drops and other interactives.

More Information
Date of Publication 2015
Year Level Year 10
ISBN 9780195577570
Subject Science
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