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Author: Marshall, Jarrett, Trestrail, Blake, Westerhof & Hameed, Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Ag Tech Focus has been written from the ground up with comprehensive coverage of the new NSW Stage 4 & 5 Agricultural Technology syllabus with a strong focus on sustainability, multiculturalism and technology, addressing the concerns and opportunities currently affecting Australian agriculture. This text addresses a wide range of enterprises in-depth, covering rural enterprises such as cattle and wheat, and urban-based enterprises such as hydroponics and fungi. It has been designed with an inquiry and design-based approach, catering to the key themes of the new syllabus of research and problem-solving.


  • Structured practical activities addressing the experiential and problem-solving practical requirements of the syllabus and provides support and ideas for teachers
  • Case studies and stimulus questions encourage collaboration and allow students to link their learning to a real-world context
  • Online worksheets and data scenarios are included on NelsonNet which allow for further investigation and analysis
  • In-depth teaching program and templates support teachers with the new Agricultural Technology and Technology Mandatory syllabi as well as mapping to other state syllabi.
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    Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
    Edition 1st
    Date of Publication 2019
    ISBN 9780170443111
    Subject Agriculture, Technology
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